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Tudor Hydronaut II Dames 24060B-95790 bleu Hommes Montre Réplique

Date de Création : 08/06/2015 par Sonchai
Tudor Hydronaut II Dames 24060B-95790 bleu Hommes Montre Réplique


Parnis has been known to imitate other watch bardns' features, then you insisted that Parnis is definitely not copying anyone's design, now you admit again it does. It seems your logic changes faster than a woman's temper, I wonder what position you'll adopt next.You still haven't been able to see through the mist to find the light at the end of the tunnel. There is nothing wrong with buying inexpensive watches, in fact I have a 30 year old Seiko split second chronograph with a date wheel, alarm and tachymeter functions, 15 bar water-resistance, original metal bracelet, and a robust case that keeps exceptionally accurate time despite its age, for merely $95. How's that for outstanding value? Wearing an inexpensive, good value for money timepiece is no shame, and I understand not everyone has a budget for luxury watches. Good value, simple, unpretentious watches are at least acceptable, if not respectable. But THIS watch is not acceptable. It obviously tries to capitalize on copying the look of a Panerai while putting a cheap, a dollar for a dozen movement into the case and pretends to be a smart , good value alternative to the real thing. I have no problem with Parnis if it puts its movements into original designed cases, but why does it have to make this case (in fact, the dial, the hands, the crown guard, & everything too) look like a Panerai's? There's a reason why you cannot buy a real Panerai for $86.40. The dial, the case design, the movement, and especially the crown guard is unique to the Panerai brand. When people see those features, they can think of no other watch than a Panerai, and that's what makes Panerai and most other high-end watches valuable: their unique, original designs that cannot be mistaken for any other watches'. That's what people are paying good money for original, tasteful designs, not imitations. Cost-effective does not make a watch respectable if it's an imitation, and for this particular Parnis, it's worse than an imitation, it is a direct copy!You said I am blindly criticizing Parnis, you can't be more wrong. I am criticizing THIS particular watch, and I have stated clearly my reasons for doing so. Copying another company's design and trying to profiteer from people's desire to own the original item is NOT respectable. In that part of the world where I reside, this watch, to put it nicely would be called a replica , but in truth, it is a counterfeit. What this watch offers is not cost effectiveness . If you want to be cost effective, you can buy a plastic digital quartz watch for $9.99 at Walmart (American-based lower class department store) that keeps better time than most mechanical watches. In fact, I have less criticism for these basic watches than the Parnis that you have put up for discussion; at least they are not pretending to be something they're not. Do you know what kind of attention this Parnis Marina Militare would attract? First, people would notice the watch and say, a Panerai, how nice! , but wait, something doesn't look right, then they notice the movement, it's a cheap-looking movement that says Made in China , and all respect is lost. Now people would think, Fake watch! , and who wears a fake watch? A fake person of course, a pretender trying to be something he's not. To put it bluntly, a person who wears this watch is fooling no one but himself.And you are a ridiculous person. All along, I've been critiquing THIS WATCH, not YOU personally. I did not start off by making any comments about you as a person. I was merely stating my views about the WATCH, and you came back at me with comments like mind you(r) language , respect my feeling as if I attacked your ancestors or something. I had been talking about the watch, and you took it to be some kind of personal insult, and start calling me rude and impolite. If you cannot tolerate people disagreeing with you, then you should not ask for posting comments. Your bullying tactics don't work on me. As long as you keep up that intolerant attitude of yours, you can expect me to continue to counter you.