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Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Lady Q2601410 Dames Montre Réplique

Date de Création : 08/06/2015 par Fernando
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Lady Q2601410 Dames Montre Réplique


I purchased the first geoaretinn tissot titanium t-touch and within the first 2 years the activator switch on it broke off. I spent $200 to have it repaired and within 2 more years the same thing happened. I recently sent in several complaints to tissot upset that their solution to the problem was to spend more money for the upgrade which would be an additional $350. I stated I would not spend any more money for a timepiece that was supposed to be of the up most quality. I received a prepaid shipping label stating i could send it back and they could see if they had the parts for the repair. They then said I would have to pay over $200 to have it repaired after already stating i would not pay any additional costs. The SG representative said i never said you wouldn't have to pay to get it fixed. in the end I have an $800 watch that is now a paperweight. Poor quality, poor customer service. I will never purchase tissot again and urge other shoppers to look elsewhere for quality timepiece.