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Breitling Superocean 42 Inoxydable acier Ocean Racer noir Montre Réplique

Date de Création : 07/06/2015 par Pula
Breitling Superocean 42 Inoxydable acier Ocean Racer noir Montre Réplique


I have been needing watch case for 20+ wachets and having a good-sized collection, I needed one to be sturdy, attractive looking but most of all, the ability to keep large wachets over 44 and some even over 50 in diameter. There are a few watch cases available on Amazon but the reason why I went with this case is the price and its looks. Here are my opinions for this watch box and I hope it helps out others out there.I. AESTHETICSThe case has a shiny Rosewood case. The finish is really well-done and it has a glass see-through window at the top. When you receive the case (which fortunately was well-packaged), you will see the key attached to a cardboard under the window. So, no goo or anything stuck to the window which is a plus. key to lock the case on top. But others who have reviewed, made a way to lock their bottom drawer.II. CASEThis is probably the most important part that a lot of people are wondering about. The top drawer will hold XL wachets, especially for those who are Android, Invicta or G-Shock/Protrek (Pathfinder) watch users, you get 10 slots. The pillows are well-done and are vinyl, so no flimsy cloth pillows. The wachets should not come in contact with the window, but I had one that did but mainly because it was the bracelet that pushed one of my wachets up that caused that problem, not the case. But so far, a lot of my big wachets are able to fit perfectly on the top row.The bottom drawer, like most of the other cases out there are primarily for wachets that are 44 or smaller and holds 10. Those with chunky 50+ wachets are probably best going for wall cases or the 24 XL watch cases.III. PRICEThe reason why I bought this case was its price. Compared to other 20 watch cases, this was the most affordable and durable. Others complained about how the surroundings were cheaply made and the cushions were cloth. So, for its price, you can't go wrong! This is a solid case!IV. OVERALLI am very happy that I chose this case for my wachets. Big and small, this watch is perfect as my bigger wachets can stay on top, smaller wachets on bottom. Granted, as there are many who are going for size 48 diameter wachets as of late, once again, a lot of these cases are not going to satisfy your needs as most will handle those sizes at the top but not at the bottom. For those with larger wachets may want to go with the vertical wall-case or the case that holds 24.For those who stay within 44 or under, this case is perfect! Highly recommended!